Sunday, March 8, 2009

Κριτική από έναν Αμερικανό συγγραφέα...

Ο Γκάρυ Μακανιόνε έστειλε την κριτική του για ΤΟ ΑΣΠΡΟ ΣΑΛΙΓΚΑΡΙ...

The White Snail

Iliana Metallinou


Vasilis Savvanis 2008, Greece.

Rating: 5 – stars

The White Snail is a delightful read for a parent, or any young child interested in following the story line through the simplistic but colorful illustrations. Iliana Metallinou delicately and sensitively tackles a major issue of our time through the rudimentary tale of a white snail. It just happens that the snail too doesn’t realize anything is different until he sees his reflection in a raindrop on a leaf.

Trying to fit in, and be like all the other brown snails, the white snail paints his little home brown. That serves him well for awhile and gives him peace of mind until a rainstorm comes along and washes away his disguise. After he receives a nice compliment from a female snail, the white snail learns that he too is beautiful and can deal with the fact he’s a little different looking from all the rest. The story ends happily with the little brown snail and the white snail having a family.

Written in both Greek and English, I highly recommend this book for small children, ages 2-6.

Reviewer: Gary Maccagnone, author of For The Love of St. Nick
2008, ISBN: 9781439210123

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